Video Gallery

AldoDesign can assist with the videography and production of videos. Once produced, we can develop a YouTube or Vimeo channel, customized for your organization.

Sunflowers Dancing in the Wind
Cecropia Moth Beauty
Minnehaha Creek Underwater
Floating Ice
2016 Holiday
Crystal Clear Lake Superior
Shady Oak Beach Sunset
Lake Superior in Autumn
2015 Holiday
Busy Bees
2014 Holiday
2013 Holiday
2012 Holiday
2011 Holiday
Dancing Daisy
Platinum Dance Center
Recreational for Ages 6 and Up.
Platinum Dance Center
Recreational Dance (Pre-Dance)
BWCA Movie Trailer
Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Mobilegs Crutches
Perfecting Human Mobility
Mobilegs Crutches
Mobilegs Ultra Fitting
Mobilegs Crutches
Mobilegs Universal Fitting
Mobilegs Crutches
Mobilegs Adventures
Oxygen Research Group
Pat Johnson | Horticulture Research Scientist
Oxygen Research Group
Steven R. Poppe | Horticulture Scientist
Oxygen Research Group
Terrance T. Nennich | Horticulture Director
BWCA Time-Lapse
Boundary Waters Canoe Area - Ely, Minnesota.
Rainstorm with Sunset
Boundary Waters Canoe Area - Time Lapse
Lake Minnetonka
Experiment iPhone App using Time-Lapse
Art Shanty Project
Artist driven temporary community exploring ways in a space of the frozen lake.
Hummingbirds at Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa
Holiday Train
2014 Holiday Train at Loretto MN
Spring Water
Fredrick-Miller Spring - The Best Water to Drink